Bio About the film:

Mind, Booty, and Soul is a riveting documentary that explores the normalization of female objectification that has risen during the turn of the century in American culture. Writer/Director Michael Norville, a former visual effect artist turned video journalist, presents a unique perspective of the objectification and programming of society through music, imagery and film.

Mind, Booty and Soul explores the aftermath of the media’s oversaturation of black female sexuality and its influence upon the sexual behaviors in society today. This documentary is hard hitting, discussing topics often ignored in mainstream media. Through in-depth storytelling and exclusive first time interviews from sex workers, filmmakers, models, educators and entertainers, we discover how the constant barrage of programming in popular culture desensitizes the youth while driving many young girls to lifestyles that promote degradation and exploitation. Special appearances from Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, LL Cool J, Chuck D, Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye, Meagan Good and many more.

Bio on the Director:

Michael Norville began his career as a visual effect artist working on over a dozen features films including Blade, Crimson Tide, and Timecop. After perfecting his craft in computer animation, Norville changed focus and immersed himself into the world of video journalism. Working the red carpets for Entertainment Buzz, BET News, CCTV (China Central Television), Norville accumulated a vast library of celebrity interviews and was able to capture exclusive insights about black female sexuality. This led to his production company, 3rdeye/4th Dimension, licensing footage to major news outlets like ABC, VH1, NBC and MTV. Currently, Norville is touring colleges across the country pre-screening Mind, Booty and Soul to his target audience.